Frequently inquired items are listed. For any others, please contact us.

*** E-ridの仕様について About E-rid ***

  • researchmapでは「論文」と「MISC」は区別されていますが、E-ridに取り込む際、どちらも「論文」の項目に一緒に登録されます。researchmap内で「査読の有無」や「掲載種別」を入力する、またはデータ取込後にE-rid内で編集することができ、これによりデータ抽出時にその区別が付けられます。

The items "Papers" and "MISC" registered separately in reseachmap are imported together as "Paper" into E-rid. If "Peer Reviewed" status and "Publishing Type" of each data are entered in researchmap, this could be classified when it's extracted from E-rid. Or also after importing the data from researchmap, it could edit those status in E-rid.

  • researchmapがすでに複数の外部データベース(WoS、PubMed、CiNii等)とも連携しているため、E-ridで「researchmapデータ取込」と「外部データベース取込」の両方の作業を行うと、重複して読み込まれる場合があります。

Since researchmap is already linked with multiple external databases (WoS, PubMed, CiNii, etc.), if you proceed both "Import from external DB" and "Get Data From researchmap" in E-rid, it could be loaded duplicately.

  • 新領域創成科学研究科では当研究科を本務とする全教員・研究員がE-ridに登録されています


At Graduate School of Frontier Science, all faculty and research members who are mainly duty at GSFS are registered to E-rid (including those who are appointed as "Project" and "Part-time") and concurrent positions with other departments as the main duty are not included.

Q1:ログインができない。パスワードを忘れた。I cannot log in, forgot my password.


The initial password is the same 10 digit number as your Employee code however after it's changed and you have no idea anymore about your password, please contact us to reset. (It takes time as we need to send a request to the University System Management Office)

Q2:researchmapにアカウント登録されているか確認したい。I want to check if I already have an account on researchmap.


You can search by name from the "Researcher Search" on the researchmap. For new registration, follow the instruction in the manual (P6 : 4-1. Confirm and Edit researchmap)

Q3:researchmapにアカウント登録をしたのに、E-rid内にresearchmap会員IDが入力されず、相互連携ができない。I created an account on researchmap but JST researcher code is not registered in E-rid and cannot connect to each other.


There is a possibility that each setting at researchmap is not appropriate and the person in charge of researchmap at the U-Tokyo headquarters has not been able to obtain the information.

researchmap内の以下の3ヶ所をご確認の上、適切に修正してください。/ Please check the followings in researchmap and correct the information appropriately (ref. manual P7)

1.所属先を「東京大学 大学院新領域創成科学研究科」にする / Check and edit the affiliation to be "The University of Tokyo" and the department "Graduate School of Frontier Sciences"

2.氏名、所属先、及び研究者番号・ORCID ID等の情報提供設定を「公開」にする / Check "Public" to share your name, affiliation and your ID at the other external databases. (ref. manual P8)

3.「所属機関事務担当者」欄の「編集を許可する」にチェックを入れる / Allow editing information for Institutional staff (ref. manual P9)

※ 主所属が新領域でないクロスアポイントメントは以下の項目も確認してください。/ For cross appointments where GSFS is not the main affiliation, please also check and correct the affiliation setting.

4.2件目以降の(エフォート率が低い)所属を追加登録する画面の下方にある 「この機関に対して、登録した公開情報の一括ダウンロードを許可する」 の項目にチェックを入れる / For the second and subsequent affiliations (low effort rate), check the 「Allow this organization to batch download only public information」 at bottom of the page. (ref. manual P11)


researchmap 会員ID(r-map)、ORCID ID(r-map)、JGlobal IDの入力は管理者が行います。researchmapアカウントはあるのに「プロフィール」→「氏名・連絡先」ページでIDが確認できないない場合は、担当者までご連絡ください。

尚、研究者番号、Researcher IDはご自身での入力、編集が可能です。

JST researcher code (r-map), ORCID ID (r-map) and JGlobal ID are registered by the administrator. If you have researchmap account but those your ID numbers are not found on the page 'Profile' →'Name and Contact Details', please contact us.

Researcher Number (r-map) and Researcher ID can be entered and edited by yourself.

Q4:researchmapからE-ridへのデータ取込みができない I cannot get data from researchmap to E-rid


There is a possibility that each data's status is not set as "Public" in researchmap (Click each activity item → "edit” → see page below to check "Status"), or your "Institutional support staff" is not set as "allow editing" at "Permission settings". Please check your researchmap settings.

※E-ridへのデータ取込方法は、マニュアルP12をご参照ください。※How to get data from researchmap to E-rid, refer the manual P12.

Q5:researchmapからE-ridへのデータ取込作業が完了しない。Importing data from reseachmap to E-rid doesn't finish.


researchmap data can be read from : "Outputting and Checking Data" Main Manu → "Get Data From researchmap" as mentioned on the manual P12.


It may take time to import a large amount of data at once.


When it takes time and keeps on working to import data for enough long time, try to leave the screen open for another 10 minutes, close the window once and log into E-rid again. If the number of data in E-rid is more or less the same as the researchmap, the data has been imported normally.


Note)Papers and MISC data which are registered separately in researchmap will be imported and saved together as "Papers" in E-rid. Also, the over capacity data may not be imported.

※上手くいかない場合は、代行作業も可能ですので問い合せ窓口までご連絡ください。※If any of those ways don't work, please contact us.

Q6:データが重複して取り込まれる。Data is imported in duplicate.



If you try to import data from researchmap to E-rid again while the first import is still ongoing, the data will be imported in duplicate. Please complete or cancel the first data import in progress, and try it again.

For too much data to import, the screen may freeze and it may seem as if the import is not complete. Then, first try the way described in Q5 to close the screen once, log in to E-rid again and check if your data has already been imported.


※If any of those ways don't work, please contact us.

Q7:E-ridメニューの「情報公開設定」で「公開」を選択しても、当該項目が本学HP公開画面確認に表示されない。Even after "Yes" to publish is checked at "Privacy Settings" of E-rid, the items are not displayed properly on "Check How Data will Appear on the University Website" page.


It needs to set "public" or "Unpublic" at "Available on the University's official website" of each data.

Or to change all/several data's setting at once, check the data to edit and click "Privacy setting (Public)" or "Privacy setting (Unpublic) from "Select row operation" tab on the top then click "OK". For any further inquiries, please contact us.

Q8:researchmapアカウント情報を公開したくない。(注:researchmap会員IDの取得、データ連携ができませんので可能な限り「公開」にしてください) I don't want to publish my researchmap account information. (Note: It is not possible to read the JST researcher code or share the data with E-rid, so it is highly required to disclose it to at least the Institutional/University support staff.)


Basically, it is the easiest to disclose information so that the Institutional /University support staff can obtain the JST researcher code, but if you do not want it by all means, your JST researcher code can be read and registered it into E-rid by yourself. For the indication, please contact us.

※researchmapからE-ridへデータ取込をする際は、一時的にも設定を「公開」または「許可」として頂く必要があります。※To import the data from reasearchmap to E-rid, it is necessary to edit the settings to "public" or "permit" in researchmap.

Q9:退職、または学内異動する場合。Leaving the post or transfer within the University.



※ 研究科内で異動される場合は、引き続き利用可能です。


Leaving the post at the University or transfer within the University, please contact us in advance.

※ For the transfer to another department at GSFS, the E-rid account is still available.

For the transfer to a department other than GSFS, please be sure to contact us to protect your data. If the department uses the same system managed by the university, you E-rid account could be transferred and it would be no longer visible at GSFS E-rid system.